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Why USB to CAN Adapter Is Necessary

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There are various types of connection through which electronic devices transmit and receive data. Such connection is usually facilitated by a particular type of data channel, also referred to as electronic bus. In most electronic devices that are used in industrial facilities and machineries, such electronic bus is called CAN—the abbreviated form of controller area network—bus. CAN bus is designed to allow microcontrollers and electronic devices installed on a vehicle or machinery to communicate with one another. The dual-wire channel of the controller area network allows vehicle’s electronics to use a simplified wire instead of complicated cable loom.

Because CAN bus facilitates communication between electronic devices and microcontrollers, which are in fact small computers, there must be a way to connect a CAN bus to a computer. Because a connection between a computer and any external hardware devices is usually facilitated by the computer’s universal serial bus (USB), there should be a way to establish connection between the computer’s USB and the CAN bus. In order to enable such connection, a USB to CAN adapter is needed. This adapter is now available at most computer’s stores and stores that sell electronic devices for vehicles, machineries and heavy equipment.

There is a very obvious reason why a connection between a computer or laptop and the CAN bus of a vehicle or machinery is necessary. Remember that many components of a car are operated by computer. Components like the car’s ECU and mirror adjustment system are all components that are operated by computerized mechanism. If a mechanic or a car owner wants to diagnose any problems that prevent those components to work properly, a connection with an external computer is necessary. By using this adapter, such connection can be established and those shortcomings can easily be diagnosed and taken care of.

Must-Haves for an Emergency Food Storage Supply

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For a long time I dreaded building my stockpile of food storage for survival. If I’d ever had to live off the nasty stuff my parents had I think I’d rather starve. Then I learned about all the great food available today. Now I don’t know how I survived this long without it.

The reason the idea of an emergency food supply caused so much anxiety for me was probably the uninspired fare my parents had. Theirs consisted of several barrels of unprocessed wheat, a wheat grinder, dry milk, and stacks of cans of mushy vegetables.

Eventually my conscience got the better of me and I started looking into freeze dried food storage for my family. I didn’t have many expectations. I knew they used to have some pretty good dried apple chips so I could stock up on those at least. I found a lot more than I ever imagined.

Modern food storage for survival kits include energy bars, a huge variety of prepackaged dried meals, desserts, spices, freeze dried fruit and vegetables, and tons of just-add-water soups and cereals. This wasn’t survival food; this was a bachelor’s paradise.

Freeze dried food storage prepackaged meals are as simple to prepare as ramen noodles but so much better. I can’t get enough beef stroganoff. My kids love it too. Their favorites are the dried fruits. There’s also plenty of options for unprepared food that my wife likes to use to make dinner. She’s already an expert at rehydrating food. I feel OK about eating my food storage because they tell you to rotate it anyway. At least that’s what I tell myself I’m doing.

So if you had the same traumatic experience I did with emergency food storage as a child, you need to check out what’s available now. You’ll join me in saying, “Bring on the zombie apocalypse!”